Introduction to macro photography

This course provides a solid introduction to Macro photography and will equip beginners with the skills needed to capture extreme close-up images.

Training aims :

  • Understand the basic concepts of macro photography.
  • Learn to choose the right material.
  • Master focusing and composition techniques in macro photography.
  • Exploring creativity in macro photography.

Session 1: Fundamentals of Macro Photography

  • Introduction to macro photography.
  • Understand the difference between macro photography and close-up photography.
  • Choose the right equipment: macro lenses, extension rings, tripods, etc.
  • Basic camera settings: manual mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO.
  • Tips for managing natural light.

Session 2: Macro Focusing Techniques

  • Importance of focus in macro photography.
  • Using manual focus vs autofocus.
  • Adjusting the depth of field to achieve pleasant background blur (bokeh).
  • Practical: Outdoor focus exercises.

Session 3: Composition and Creativity in Macro

  • Macro composition rules: rule of thirds, leading lines, viewing angles.
  • Using light to highlight your subject.
  • Creation of interesting and aesthetic backgrounds.
  • Practical: Field trip to practice composition techniques.

Session 4: Outdoor Macro Workshop

  • Practical outdoor exercises: photographing flowers, insects, leaves, etc.
  • Use of techniques learned in previous sessions.
  • Discussion of common challenges in macro photography and how to overcome them.
  • Exchange of advice and criticism between participants.

Internship location : Ile-de-France

Duration : 16 hours (4 sessions of 4 hours)

Number of participants : from 1 person

Price : €499