Introduction to digital photography

In this module, we will address two very distinct parts:


  • The exhibition triangle…
  • Aperture of the diaphragm , shutter speed, sensitivity of a sensor…
  • The depth of field , the focal length of a lens, the focus…
  • The framing , the composition , the angle of view , the perspective
  • Photographic intention , etc.


  • Understand the ergonomics of your case… (Canon, Nikon, Sony…)
  • The different shooting modes.
  • Light measurement, light meter .
  • Autofocus, ( Autofocus ) and manual mode…
  • White balance...
  • How to properly configure your box according to the exposed scene ...
  • The histogram… how to interpret it?

This 4-hour module is essential in your photographic learning in order to better understand the mechanisms and familiarize yourself with the functions of your camera.

The objective of this course is to acquire the essentials of your box in order to control it in an intuitive and controlled manner, which will free you from technical constraints to give free rein to your artistic creation .

Finally, this course is aimed at everyone, beginners and advanced alike, it will adapt according to each person's level.

If you like to learn in a good mood, you have come to the right place.

Note : It is essential to have the paper version of the user manual for your camera with you!

Internship location : Ile-de-France

Duration : 4 hours

Number of participants : from 1 person

Price : €199